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Solar System Woodblock Print - T-shirt

$24.00 USD

For the lover of both science and vintage Japanese art - we have created the ultimate geek-wear: our own solar system in the style of an old Japanese woodblock print! Every planet is labeled in Japanese.

Details/Background: The planets in Japanese:
Solar System: Taiyoukei
Mercury: Suisei
Venus: Kinsei
Earth: Chikyuu
Mars: Kasei
Jupiter: Mokusei
Saturn: Dosei
Uranus: Tenousei
Neptune: Kaiousei
Pluto: Meiousei

Woodblock prints were produced in Japan during the Edo period (late 17th century to late 19th century) in wherein images were painstakingly carved into wood for printing purposes.

Design Notes: The planets are obviously not to an exact scale – woodblock artists back in the 19th century wouldn’t know how big the planets were in relation to each other anyway.

Printed on American Apparel Unisex 2001 (size info).