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One Good Deed a Day - T-shirt

$24.00 USD

Ichinichi Ichizen - "Do one good deed a day"

Literal Translation: "One good deed a day" (Ichinichi = One Day; Ichizen = One Good Thing/Deed)

Overview: "Ichinichi Ichizen" is a Japanese proverb meaning "do one good deed a day". We should all be nicer to each other don't you think? At least once a day anyway.

Details/Background: Although an old proverb, “Ichinichi Ichizen” (do one good deed a day) found some new exposure in public service announcement TV commercials in the 70’s and 80’s produced by billionaire and ring-winger Ryoichi Sasagawa. Mr. Sasagawa was a controversial figure in his day, but as a philanthropist he did bring to light many positive phrases in his now infamous public service announcements. Some include: “be good to your mother and father”; and: “we are all brothers”.

Design Notes: We felt that the traditional up-down writing style was most appropriate these elegant characters.


Printed on American Apparel Unisex 2001 (size info).