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Short Attention Span - T-shirt

$24.00 USD

Mikkabouzu - “Short Attention Span”

Literal Translation: "Cannot stick to anything for more than three days"; "no follow through"; literally word by word: "three day monk" (Mikka = Three Days; Bouzu = Buddhist Monk)

Overview: If you’re like me, you have such a short attention span you won’t even finish this sentence. .Details/Background: Mikka Bouzu is one of the more commonly used proverbs meaning: "Cannot stick to anything for more than three days", "no follow through", or literally "three day monk". The phrase "three day monk" came about because back in the 19th century and early 20th century many people who could not handle the pressures of society used to resolve to join a Buddhist monastery and become a monk. The problem was that upon becoming a monk they realized that it is much more difficult and strenuous than everyday life in Japanese society, so most quit within three days!

By calling Mikkabouzu “short attention span” we are taking a bit of creative license here, since it is more along the lines of “no follow through” than “can’t sit through dinner”. Still in today’s world New Year’s resolutions usually wind up lasting, what - three days?

Design Notes: The characters are read up-down from right to left.

Printed on Next Level 3600 Cotton Crew