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I Don't Speak Japanese - T-shirt

$24.00 USD

Nihongo Wakarimasen – “I don’t speak Japanese” 日本語分かりません。

Literal Translation: “I do not understand Japanese” (Nihongo = Japanese language; Wakarimasen = do not understand)

Overview: Tired of Japanese coming up to you on the street asking you questions? Even if you hardly ever run into a Japanese person, it never hurts be prepared for such an occasion and wear the “I don't speak Japanese” shirt. 

Details/Background: In Japanese it is more common to say that you do not understand a foreign language than that you do not speak it. In the end it is the same meaning, so our official translation comes out to “I don't speak Japanese”. 

Printed on Next Level 3600 Cotton Crew (similar in size and quality to American Apparel 2001 unisex shirts)